Franks Stump Grinding
         "say goodbye to ugly stumps and hello to beautiful yards!"
Frank's Stump
Grinder can go
through a 36 inch
gate. The stump
grinder is self
propelled and can go
up and down hills.
The cutter wheel
articulates up and
down and side to side
so tight spaces are a
breeze. Frank grinds
the stump 6 to 8
inches below the
grade of the soil top.
The hole is back filled
with "stump dirt" and
the remainder of the
stump mulch is
removed, piled, or
spread about. Your
choice. The shredded
stump mulch is larger
than saw dust chips
and smaller than
wood chips. It can be
used to beautify
landscape, amend
soil, and retain
moisture in garden
The Stump...
The Stump Grinder...
All Done!
Frank McCreary
(530) 318-1228
Po Box 13398
South Lake Tahoe, Ca 96151
Allows moisture and
nutrients to evenly
distribute throughout
your property making
other vegetation
Helps create space for
that deck, driveway,
patio,flower bed or
walkway you have been
dreaming about...
Enhances your fire
abatement plan...
Lessens trip/liaibility
hazards on your
Removes breeding
ground for pests...
Visually improves
Increases property value...
          Franks Facts...
Why should Frank grind out
my ugly stumps?
  Stump Grinding...
Feel protected, safe, and
legit knowing Franks
Stump Grinding is fully
licenced ,insured and
bonded. Frank is a
California licenced
contractor and meets all
the requirements for
doing business in your
neighborhood. If you have
any questions or concerns
please let us know...
Business Licenses:

South Lake Tahoe City  # 001335
El Dorado County         # 039543
Placer County               # 100263

California Contractor's License # 901732
Contractor's Bond                   # 6077752